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Make sure you get the facts about Social Security Disability

The world in which we live is filled with disinformation on nearly every important topic. Social Security Disability is not immune to the spread of disinformation. Unfortunately, believing these falsehoods leads many eligible California residents away from what could only be described as life-changing benefits.

Top examples of disabilities

If you're wondering if the condition you have qualifies as a disability, the best place to begin is by talking to your doctor. The help of medical professionals is invaluable in this process. They can tell you what the outlook is, how the condition will impact you, how long it will last and what the odds are that you'll eventually recover.

How many people get disability benefits?

The Social Security Administration has benefits programs for those who are disabled and cannot work. They can help people who are out for a significant amount of time but hope to recover and those who will never work again. This program is larger than many people realize and a lot of individuals can obtain these benefits.

Study claims thousands pass away after SSDI denials

SSDI denials happen frequently, with many of them focused around minor issues: Missing paperwork, a technical error, etc. Even so, these denials can take so long that some studies claim thousands of people pass away as they await their decisions. This happens each and every year.

Is your post-traumatic stress disorder a disability?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is most common in those who have experienced trauma that is far outside of the norm. For instance, you may find it in soldiers who have been wounded in combat or police officers who have lost friends in the line of duty. While it's true that people can sometimes get it from car accidents and other such incidents, that does not happen as often.

Lymphedema patients may be eligible to collect Social Security

California residents who suffer from lymphedema may discover that filing for Social Security Disability Income could be a challenge since the ailment is not listed in the Social Security Administration Blue Book as a specific malady. However, those who are afflicted with lymphedema and similar diseases could possibly be able to collect SSDI.

SSDI rule will make it harder for non-English speakers

Disabled people in California who do not speak English may have a harder time qualifying for Social Security disability insurance under a new rule that was recently announced by the current administration. The new rule removes a lack of English-speaking ability from the factors that are taken into consideration when evaluating the education of applicants.

Applying for Social Security with back and spine disorders

Degenerative disc disease and the associated pain can make completing work difficult or impossible. As a result, California residents with this condition may apply for Social Security disability benefits to provide income for themselves and their families. According to the Social Security Administration, claims for disability benefits based on degenerative disc disease are assessed according to the portion of its manual dealing with various spinal disorders. This listing encompasses a range of spinal conditions, including spinal stenosis and vertebral fractures in addition to degenerative disorders.

Understanding the SSA's evaluation process for benefits

The system of providing Social Security disability benefits involves a complex maze of rules, regulations and decisions regarding prior cases. By employing a sequential process to evaluate an eligible applicant's claim, the Social Security Administration will determine if there is indeed a "disability" that warrants benefits. For many California claimants, how their particular mental or physical impairment fits within the SSA's Blue Book, or Listing of Impairments, is crucial to the ultimate disability decision. However, even if a claimant's impairment is among those included in the Blue Book, it's not certain that disability benefits will be awarded.

The process for obtaining a medical vocational allowance

California residents and others who have physical or mental impairments that make it impossible to work may be entitled to disability benefits. Typically, benefits are granted if a person meets medical vocational allowance criteria. This means that an individual cannot go back to any job that he or she has had over the past 15 years. It also means that an individual would not be qualified to do any other work that he or she could be mentally or physically able to perform.