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Does Social Security insure workers against disability?

Although the reference to insurance is included in its name, readers may have questions about whether they could be considered the equivalent of “policy holders” under the Social Security disability insurance program. The answer depends on several factors.

Ways to document hard-to-prove symptoms and disabilities

According to its website, the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability includes a functional approach. Unfortunately, applicants for Social Security disability insurance who have hard-to-prove conditions may still have difficulty compiling adequate evidence to prove the extent of their impairment. 

Ways to explore working without jeopardizing disability benefits

For purposes of Social Security disability insurance benefits, a total disability is defined as a condition that prevents an individual from earning more than the monthly earning limit. In 2013, that amount was $1,040 per month. 

San Diego spine condition patients may qualify for SSDI benefits

Spinal cord injuries can be debilitating. Different sources provide inconsistent statistics regarding the total number of people living in the United States with spine injuries. Some of the confusion in statistical analysis of the prevalence of the issue may involve varying definitions of what may be included as a spinal injury.