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Study: SSD trust funds could run out even sooner than SSA thinks

People in San Diego who receive Social Security Disability benefits are likely aware that the Social Security Administration estimates that its trust funds will run out in 2033 -- a mere 18 years from today. If this happens, the SSA says, it will only be able to provide three-quarters worth of benefits, unless Congress acts to replenish the trust fund reserves.

Thinking about Social Security Disability Insurance and taxes

Tax season is finally over. Hopefully, as you are reading this, you have received a tax refund and are enjoying the benefits of that refund. Many Americans will likely not think about their taxes much until early next year when they are again compelled to file their income taxes. However, it is important to start thinking about next year’s tax season now. This is especially true if you are likely to begin receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits within the next year.

SSD claim denied? Do not lose hope

During our last two blog posts, we have discussed some of the myths surrounding Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and the SSDI application process. Too often, myths surrounding these benefits and the application process for them keep disabled Americans from applying for these entitlements. In truth, millions of disabled Americans receive these benefits and their financial lives are made more manageable as a result of receiving them. It is therefore important to sort myths from facts before giving up hope of receiving these benefits.

Don't believe everything you read about SSD benefits

It is important to be discriminating when you read about the current state of the Social Security Disability Insurance program. Even prominent and respected media outlets may opt to vocalize or publish information that is either devoid of important context or is otherwise misleading.

Debunking a few of the myths about disability benefits

As we've discussed on our blog, the Social Security Disability Insurance program plays an invaluable role for disabled workers and their dependents, providing them with a much-needed mechanism for replacing some of their lost income.

Senate hearings on SSDI continue

Social Security has been a hot topic for discussion and debate in this country for decades. Many Americans support this entitlement program and many do not. Some wish to reform the system by privatizing it and others want to bolster the program by reinforcing its federal financial support.

What is a compassionate allowance?

If you have been diagnosed with a potentially aggressive form of cancer or with another medical condition that is either terminal or is so serious that you are almost certainly going to need a year or more to receive treatment and recover, you may qualify for a special initiative. This initiative is sponsored by the Social Security Administration and it is called the Compassionate Allowances Initiative.

Proposed House rule would greatly impact SSD benefits

Congress has only been in session for a few weeks. But within the span of those limited weeks, lawmakers have drummed up a great deal of controversy. One of the more controversial moves that the House has made involves a proposed rule that would dramatically affect Americans who receive Social Security Disability benefits now and those that may need to collect this kind of benefits in the future.

What waiting for SSD benefits may look like

When an individual becomes disabled due to illness, injury or mental condition, his or her ability to work may be impacted immediately. That individual may require medical treatment and may have trouble covering the costs of that medical care and the costs of everyday living. The federal government offers disabled Americans the opportunity to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in part to address the financial consequences that can result from disability. Unfortunately, too many Americans are forced to wait for months or even years as their application is processed and appealed.