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Social Security Disability Archives

Ways to document hard-to-prove symptoms and disabilities

According to its website, the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability includes a functional approach. Unfortunately, applicants for Social Security disability insurance who have hard-to-prove conditions may still have difficulty compiling adequate evidence to prove the extent of their impairment. 

Ways to explore working without jeopardizing disability benefits

For purposes of Social Security disability insurance benefits, a total disability is defined as a condition that prevents an individual from earning more than the monthly earning limit. In 2013, that amount was $1,040 per month. 

California research for people with MS looks promising

The Social Security Administration recognizes Multiple Sclerosis as a chronic illness that, in some cases, may be severe enough to keep a person from working. An advanced form of MS, known as Malignant Multiple Sclerosis, is listed in the SSA’s fast track Compassionate Allowances program. Generally, MS is a condition that damages the myelin sheath, a layer of material that covers a person’s nerve fibers. Researchers still have not found the cause of MS, but many believe that the immune system is involved in attacking the myelin sheath.

Bill introduced in US House aimed at curing SSA money woes

Millions of people rely on the Social Security disability program to help make ends meet after having suffered a disabling mental or physical impairment. Workers pay into the Social Security system during their working lives through payroll tax deductions. The money is credited to trust funds, which are used to pay benefits to people who qualify for the programs associated with the trust funds (as a note, Supplemental Security Income benefits are financed through general tax revenues and not associated with the Social Security trust funds).

Researchers say pancreatic cancer is growing in America

A new report estimates that pancreatic cancer will take over second place on the list of leading causes of cancer deaths in the United States by the year 2030. The data suggests that demographic changes in the population, and advances in treatment for some types of cancer, may create a shift in the overall cancer statistics.

The Southern California sun and melanoma go hand in hand

It may not be a secret to residents San Diego that many people across the country recognize Southern California for is sunshine, especially the summer sun. Pop culture, including the music industry, has marketed the California sun with powerful effect. But, dermatologists have concerns about the powerful effect of the sun for a variety of reasons. May is designated as Melanoma-Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Sjogren's is an autoimmune disease known in the SSDI program

When a person suffers from an autoimmune disorder, the effects of the condition can be disabling. The Social Security Administration takes many forms of autoimmune disease seriously. The agency recognizes a number of autoimmune conditions in the list of impairments. In some cases, autoimmune diseases may be analyzed using the guidance for similar conditions.

Civilians and military personnel can suffer from PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is often associated with our military service members. The mental impairment, however, is not confined to the military. People in all walks of life can suffer from PTSD. The National Institute of Mental Health says that a person can develop PTSD after being exposed to a terrifying event. Southern California residents may suffer from PTSD after being the victim of an assault. Natural disasters or terrifying accidents can trigger PTSD.

How does the work history requirement for SSDI work in San Diego?

The Social Security Administration says that one out of every four people who are 20 years old will suffer from a disabling condition before reaching retirement age. The statistic may seem rather staggering to some people. But, many baby boomers felt invincible at age 20 and are now receiving Social Security disability insurance benefits. In general, workers earn credits for this important federal insurance program throughout their work history.

San Diego area residents with MS may qualify for SSDI benefits

Earlier this month the National Multiple Sclerosis Society hosted an event on the East Coast to raise awareness about MS. A meteorologist for a national network wrote a story about her life with MS. The weather forecaster, who works for Fox, says that she first noticed symptoms after the hurricane season ended in 2005. That year saw many hurricanes, including Katrina. The meteorologist says that she began experiencing her first symptoms of MS after the season ended.