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Social Security Disability Archives

Social Security Administration updates the SSDI program

The Social Security Disability Insurance program was created more than a couple years ago, and so was much of the documentation that helps administrative law judges, vocational experts and other staff members make certain decisions. For instance, the job listings document used by vocational experts was last updated in 1991.

Increase in SSDI claims follows population, workplace increases

Overall growth in the population, the maturing of baby boomers and an increase of women in the workforce over a generation or more are among the main reasons that the number of people seeking Social Security disability insurance benefits has risen in recent decades. These are among the findings of two economists who say that an aging population alone would lead to the number of people who may need to rely upon the important federal insurance benefits.

California kids with disabilities may qualify for SSI benefits

The Social Security Administration knows that when a child has a mental or physical disability, household budgets may be strained. The Supplemental Security Income program is a social safety net for people with disabling conditions in low income households. And in some cases, a child may qualify for SSI benefits.

Depression second leading cause of disability

Mental health conditions like depression are not taken as seriously as they should. However, with millions of people suffering from depression in the United States, hopefully the condition will receive more attention by health care providers, friends and family members in the future.

SSDI COLA raise for January 2014 predicted to be historically low

The partial government shutdown may have had many people who rely upon Social Security disability insurance benefits and other federal programs on edge. Although the government is back up and running, the Labor Department still has not released some important numbers on inflation.

San Diego spine condition patients may qualify for SSDI benefits

Spinal cord injuries can be debilitating. Different sources provide inconsistent statistics regarding the total number of people living in the United States with spine injuries. Some of the confusion in statistical analysis of the prevalence of the issue may involve varying definitions of what may be included as a spinal injury.

California cancer patient meets MLB pitcher before Dodgers game

September is known as National Childhood Cancer month. Last Friday when the Red Sox came to California to play the Dodgers, a 6-year-old cancer patient was brought onto the field to meet with one of the pitchers from the East Coast team.