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The SSD claim reevaluation process

Successfully claiming Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be a long, drawn-out battle. Initial claims are often denied, and appealing a claim oftentimes requires close attention to detail, strong legal arguments, and patience. Although recovering these benefits can provide significant financial relief to those who are unable to work on account of their disabilities, the truth of the matter is that the fight for these benefits may not be over. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will, from time-to-time, reevaluate an SSD claim to determine if an individual still qualifies for SSD benefits.

Disability claim backlog means claims need to be strong

Many Californians inaccurately believe that Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are easy to receive. After all, one need only prove that he or she meets the Social Security Administration's definition of disabled, satisfy work requirements, and prove that the disability is to last for at least a year or result in death. But the truth of the matter is that most SSD claims are denied. In fact, one recent report indicated that as many as 77 percent of all initial claims are denied. Even on appeal, less than 50 percent of claims are granted.

Social Security disability's Ticket to Work program

Californians who have suffered a disability know the challenges they can face when their injury or illness renders them unable to work. Sure, these individuals may have extensive physical pain as well as physical limitations, but for many people with disabilities the financial damage is truly debilitating. This is why the federal government created the Social Security disability system. While SSD benefits can be a financial lifesaver for those with a disability, they may not last forever. Claims undergo periodic review, and the Social Security Administration tries to incentivize individuals to return to work.

SSDI benefits for amputations

Loss of a limb is a catastrophic event, regardless of the cause. Many people in Southern California who have suffered amputations if they can obtain Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits. This post will review the essential requirements for proving the existence of a Social Security disability caused by loss of a limb.

Termination of SSDI benefits

Most people in Southern California who receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits do not stop to consider an unpleasant outcome: will the benefits ever be terminated? The answer is "maybe." The Social Security Administration has strict requirements for periodically reviewing benefit awards and determining whether a recipient is entitled to a continuation of benefits. This post will review the conditions under which SSD disability benefits may be terminated.

Obtaining SSD benefits for chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease afflicts many people in southern California. If the disease seriously interferes with the patient's ability to perform the ordinary functions of his or her employment, the patient may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Can I get SSD benefits for an anxiety-related disorder?

Many people in Southern California suffer from a variety of mental disorders that manifest themselves as periods of intense anxiety that raise emotional barriers that interfere with working and social functioning. The Social Security Administration has adopted regulations that provide Social Security Disability benefits for anxiety-related disorders that prevent persons from carrying out the routine functions of their jobs.

Social Security benefits for blindness

Blindness is one of the most debilitating conditions that a person can experience. Because the loss of vision can be so disruptive, the Social Security Administration has two programs that provide income benefits for its victims: Social Security Disability Income Benefits or Supplemental Security Income.

Explaining Supplemental Security Income

The Social Security Administration runs three programs that provide income assistance for qualifying persons and families. Most people in southern California are familiar with Social Security income and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, but the Supplemental Security Income program is not as well known. This post will provide an overview of this important income supplement program.

How is a Social Security disability claim processed?

Many people in Southern California seek Social Security Disability Insurance benefits every year, yet the nature of the review and decision process remains hidden behind a curtain of complex federal regulations. An understanding of this process can benefit every person who is contemplating making a claim for SSD benefits; this post will provide a summary of how the Social Security Administration reviews and decides whether to approve a claim for benefits.