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SSDI vs. SSI: what differentiates these benefits?

SSDI refers to Social Security Disability insurance, often called "SSD" or Social Security disability benefits. There are a variety of names and acronyms, but they all refer to the same thing. SSI, or Supplemental Security Insurance, is very similar to SSD, but people qualify for SSI under different terms. This is the biggest factor that differentiates between SSD and SSI.

The disability onset date, and what it means for your case

When you seek out Social Security Disability benefits, you will need to prove your disability exists and that it is compliant with the rules and regulations set forth by the Social Security Administration (SSA). One of these aspects is the "disability onset date" which is the date at which you became unable to work anymore as a result of your disability or medical condition. This date is important for many reasons, not least of which is that it is used to determine when your benefit payment period begins.

The many steps to appealing your SSD claim

If you apply for Social Security disability benefits, the likelihood that your claim goes through unabated and without a hitch is not very high. It's an unfortunate reality, but the reality none the less. So, if (and likely when) your claim is denied, you need to know how to deal with that situation. Don't let it defeat you because there are many ways for you to proceed down the appellate path.

Legal help often necessary in Social Security disability cases

Imagine working for years and years at your job, slowly climbing up the ladder to the point that you are happy with your position. And then, all of a sudden, a medical affliction or a terrible accident disables or incapacitates you. Or how about this: you are born with a medical condition that gets worse and worse over time. After many years, it makes it impossible for you to do your job -- a job you've held for some time.

Pregnancy is not a disability for Social Security benefits

Pregnancy is a very important time in the life of a woman. For around three-quarters of an entire calendar year, she grows and carries with her a new life that will enter the world as her child. For some San Diego moms, pregnancy is an easy experience full of joy and comfort. For others, pregnancy is a challenge that taxes the limits of their bodies.

What is the Compassionate Allowances program?

There are many types of ailments that can qualify a person for disability benefits, but some individuals definitely have a more urgent need than others. Thankfully, the Social Security Administration recognizes this issue and has created a list of conditions that qualify for fast processing under their Compassionate Allowances program.

Why are so many SSD cases in backlog?

In a perfect world, every Social Security Disability case would be promptly handled and cleared, freeing up officials to work on the next case, and the one after, and the one after that. People would happily accept their SSD benefits and move on, while the system took care of the people that kept applying. However, we don't live in a perfect world. SSDI cases are constantly thrown into backlog, and the number of cases isn't dwindling -- it's only growing.

The work-related effects of cancer

When a person receives a cancer diagnosis, they can rather quickly experience some big impacts on their life, both from the disease and the treatments. These potential effects include impacts on their work life. A recent study indicates it is not at all uncommon for a person to miss a fair chunk of time from work in the year following a diagnosis.

Budget deal spares SSDI from cuts

Who says Democrats and Republicans can't work together? OK, most people agree that bipartisan moments are rare between the two, but the political parties recently struck a budget deal that will raise the national debt limit, increase spending on the military and on nonmilitary programs and spare Social Security disability recipients any cuts in benefits for at least the next two years.