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Social Security benefits for blindness

Blindness is one of the most debilitating conditions that a person can experience. Because the loss of vision can be so disruptive, the Social Security Administration has two programs that provide income benefits for its victims: Social Security Disability Income Benefits or Supplemental Security Income.

Explaining Supplemental Security Income

The Social Security Administration runs three programs that provide income assistance for qualifying persons and families. Most people in southern California are familiar with Social Security income and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, but the Supplemental Security Income program is not as well known. This post will provide an overview of this important income supplement program.

How is a Social Security disability claim processed?

Many people in Southern California seek Social Security Disability Insurance benefits every year, yet the nature of the review and decision process remains hidden behind a curtain of complex federal regulations. An understanding of this process can benefit every person who is contemplating making a claim for SSD benefits; this post will provide a summary of how the Social Security Administration reviews and decides whether to approve a claim for benefits.

Are SSD benefits available for bipolar disorder?

The Social Security Administration's (SSA) disability insurance program includes benefits for many kinds of disabilities, including those caused by mental illness. In this post, we will review the federal regulations that govern Social Security disability benefits for bipolar disorder.

How do I file an appeal from a denial of SSD benefits?

As many people in Southern California have learned, many applications for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are initially denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA.) In this post, we will summarize the various kinds of appeals that can be made from a decision denying SSD benefits.

Can a person get SSDI benefits for PTSD?

Most Californians have heard of "post traumatic stress disorder," or its short form "PTSD." In its most extreme forms, PTSD can have a severely disruptive effect on a person's life and can limit or interfere with an individual's ability to work. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are available to anyone who is prevented from engaging in substantial gainful activity by a mental or physical injury or condition. PTSD is one of the mental conditions that may allow a person to obtain SSDI benefits. In this post, we will review the symptoms that are necessary to qualify for SSD benefits based upon PTSD.

What is the SSDI definition of "disability"?

Most people in the San Diego area are aware that they can receive benefits from the Social Security Administration, but they are unsure about the exact definition of "disability.' In this post, we will review the definitions of "disabled" and "disability" that are used in deciding on an application for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Proving a social security disability claim

Many people in the San Diego area have illnesses or injuries that prevent them from working, and most persons in this group are aware that they may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The process for obtaining an award of social security disability benefits can seem long, confusing and in many cases frustrating. In this post, we will provide a summary of the methods that can be used to prove a claim for disability benefits. The first step is the submission of the SSDI application form. The form asks the applicant to submit information that the Social Security Administration can use to decide whether the applicant meets the statutory requirements of being totally disabled by an illness or injury that has or is expected to last at least 12 months.

Disabled children may receive Supplemental Security Income

Disabilities keep many California residents from working in their chosen fields and professions. When injuries and illnesses prevent them from earning incomes of their own, they can struggle to make ends meet and maintain their livelihoods. In some circumstances when a person's disability keeps him from earning a sufficient income on which to live, he or she may apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Supplemental Security Income may be an option for you

Our law firm sees disabled clients that are facing various different financial circumstances. They may have worked their whole life and then became disabled. They may have been out of work for a decade or more and became fully disabled. They may also be the low-income parents of a child who is fully disabled.