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December 2014 Archives

What waiting for SSD benefits may look like

When an individual becomes disabled due to illness, injury or mental condition, his or her ability to work may be impacted immediately. That individual may require medical treatment and may have trouble covering the costs of that medical care and the costs of everyday living. The federal government offers disabled Americans the opportunity to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in part to address the financial consequences that can result from disability. Unfortunately, too many Americans are forced to wait for months or even years as their application is processed and appealed.

SSD benefits will soon be available for some immigrants

When the president recently announced his controversial plan of executive action in regards to immigration reform, many Americans were left with questions about the plan, who it affects and what the consequences of the plan may be. One of the beneficial consequences of the president’s immigration plan is that undocumented immigrants who apply for work permits in accordance with the plan will be eligible for certain government subsidies after working for a certain number of years and/or reaching retirement age, depending on the subsidy in question.