Disabled Adult Child Benefits

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One type of Social Security Disability Insurance benefit available to certain young adults is the adult-child benefit. Much like standard SSDI and Supplemental Security Income benefits, the application process is the same: You must prove that your physical or mental disability prevents or limits your ability to work. When the government denies your claim, you should act quickly so you do not lose your right to appeal. My name is Jennifer Zorrilla, and I can help you get the benefits you need after the government denies them.

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If you are between the ages of 18 and 22 years old, it is likely that you do not have enough work history built up to qualify for SSDI benefits if you develop a disability. The adult-child program allows you to get benefits based on your parents’ work history if your parent is deceased, retired or also receiving disability benefits. If you are older than 22, you must prove that the disability developed before you turned 22.

These benefits are crucial for you, because you cannot receive standard SSDI benefits, and you likely have enough resources to make you ineligible for SSI. If your claim was denied, you should have a lawyer who knows how the appeal process works. I have been through several hundred administrative hearings on behalf of my clients in Southern California, and I have a track record of getting positive results. I know what it takes for a judge to approve your benefits, and I know what is at stake for you, which is why I tirelessly work for my clients.

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If the government denies your claim for disabled adult-child benefits, you have opportunities to get them back, but you need to act quickly. Call 800-722-0718 to speak to me at the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla for help with the reconsideration and appeals process.