San Diego SSDI Claims Denial Lawyer

If you suffer from a disability or illness — mental or physical — that prevents you from working and earning a living, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits provide a crucial financial lifeline to keep a roof over your head, food on the table and the lights turned on. When the government denies your claim, you need to know that you have rights to claim those benefits you need. I am Jennifer Zorrilla, an SSDI attorney in San Diego, California, who specializes in helping the people who need it most get their denied SSDI claims approved.

Helping San Diego County Residents Get Their Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

To qualify for SSDI benefits, you will need to work for a certain period of time. For example, if you are 50 years old, in many cases you will need to have worked for seven years. You will also need to provide the right medical evidence to prove that your condition is preventing or severely limiting your ability to work. This condition needs to have lasted for at least 12 months.

If your disability is not on the Social Security Administration’s list of qualifying conditions, do not worry. With the right medical evidence and a skilled attorney in your corner, you could prove that your condition qualifies as a disability. People have secured SSDI benefits for conditions such as migraines and fibromyalgia. It is essential, however, that you follow the advice of your doctors to prove that you are doing everything you can but you still cannot work.

When you need to go through the reconsideration or appeal process to get your benefits, having a lawyer on your side is to your advantage. I have been through more than 300 administrative hearings, giving me crucial experience and knowledge of the process.

Speak With Jennifer Zorrilla About Overturning Your Claim Denial

If the government denies your claim for SSDI benefits, you have opportunities to get them back, but you need to act quickly. Call 800-722-0718 to speak to me at the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla for help with the reconsideration and appeals process.