Denial Of Claims

San Diego Lawyer For Denied Social Security Disability Claims

You may think you have done everything right, but the government still denied your application for Social Security Disability benefits. Many people find themselves in this situation. That does not change the fact, however, that you need these benefits to make ends meet. At the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla, I can help you through the reconsideration and appeals process in an attempt to get your benefits started.

Have An Experienced SSD Lawyer On Your Side When Your Benefits Are On The Line

You may not be aware that you only have 60 days to request a reconsideration once the government denies your application for disability benefits. If the government denies your reconsideration, you again only have 60 days to request an administrative hearing. It is essential that you make these requests in time. If you disagree with the judge’s decision, you may take your claim to the SSA’s Appeals Council.

The administrative hearings are non-adversarial, which means there will not be a lawyer on the other side. As my client, I will prepare you for the hearing and make sure you have all the medical evidence to prove your need for benefits. Unlike many larger SSD firms, you will always be working with me. I will write all the necessary briefs and oral arguments.

Whether working in legal aid or in private practice, I have spent most of my career in San Diego, California, helping people secure Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits. I am intimately familiar with the process, and having an attorney on your side will provide you with a crucial advantage when taking your case to the Social Security Administration.

Contact Jennifer Zorrilla For Help Getting Your SSD Benefits

Call me at the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla in San Diego at 800-722-0718 to speak with me about your request for reconsideration or a hearing to appeal the denial of your Social Security Disability benefits. I can protect your rights and help you get the benefits you deserve.