How To Apply For Benefits

How To Apply For SSD And SSI Benefits In California

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits can seem easy at first. The Social Security Administration details all of the information you need when applying on its website. That is why it was probably confusing to so many people when the SSA denied their claims, even when their doctors told them that they were disabled. Oftentimes the SSA did not properly evaluate the medical evidence. Other times applicants make simple mistakes.

I am Jennifer Zorrilla, and at my practice in San Diego, California, the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla, I can make sure your application and paperwork are in order if your claim has been denied. I can handle your case through the various stages of the appeal process.

SSD And SSI Lawyer Helping San Diego County Residents Get Their Benefits

With years of experience in helping disabled people get SSDI and SSI benefits, I know how to use the law to your advantage. I also know what SSA officials and administrative law judges are looking for when they reconsider your application. To get approval you will need to:

  • Be honest with your health care provider. Your doctor needs to fully understand the chronic physical or mental issues you face, so he or she can give you proper advice. I can help you determine the information that you need to communicate.
  • Thoroughly gather all evidence and accurately fill out all forms. Missing even one step or pertinent piece of information can have a drastic effect on your case. I can help you decipher unclear doctor notes, and pursue clarification of details. Leave the hard work to me.
  • Make sure you have the right tests and treatment and documentation of it. It is important to document all of your doctor’s visits. I will also make sure you are seeing the right specialists and undergoing the right tests to properly prove your disability.

If Your Application Was Rejected, Get An Attorney For The Appeal. Call Jennifer Zorrilla.

After you apply for SSDI or SSI benefits, the government may deny your claim. If that happens, you have a short window of time to act before you lose your right to appeal. Contact me at the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla at 800-722-0718 to discuss how I can help you get the benefits you need.