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June 2015 Archives

Privatizing Social Security: good idea or bad idea?

It's difficult to mention Social Security, in any form, without the conversation becoming a little bit heated. By it's very nature, Social Security is a divisive and difficult program. That doesn't make it any less necessary than it is. It's a very important part of our society, and despite many reports and studies that point to an impending financial disaster for the program, it is the program that we have -- and we have to work with.

Could you be affected by the SSA's overpayment scandal?

Recently, the results of a 10-year study related to the payment of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits was released to the public. This study was conducted by the Social Security Administration’s inspector general, which essentially functions as a federal government watchdog. According to the study’s findings, the Social Security Administration has overpaid SSDI benefits by approximately $17 billion over the past ten years.