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August 2016 Archives

Can I apply for Social Security disability benefits online?

There are several ways that a San Diego resident can apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. One of those methods involves utilizing the agency's online application interface. This post will discuss the requirements a person must meet in order to use the online application.

Can I file a disability claim based on a mental disorder?

A California resident may file a claim for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration based on a mental disorder. However, just as an applicant must meet certain requirements for approval when applying for benefits based on a physical impairment or condition, he or she must also meet qualifying standards to be approved for disability benefits based on a mental condition.

A discussion of the SSD benefits appeals process

When a San Diego resident's Social Security disability benefits application is denied by the Social Security Administration that applicant has a limited window of time during which he may request a reconsideration of his application. Requests for reconsideration and supporting documentation may be submitted online, though in some cases an individual may wish to have his case reviewed on a more detailed level.