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Attorneys can help clients pursue disability benefits

| Sep 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

Americans are encouraged to make their own way. Our culture is often viewed as based on personal grit, determination and hard work. We strive to do what we can for ourselves and others, but sometimes even the hardest working Californians cannot overcome their hardships to provide for themselves and their families. When injuries and illnesses stand in individuals’ financial paths it can be next to impossible for them to get ahead.

In many circumstances individuals facing these hardships can apply for financial benefits from the government. Particularly the Social Security Administration offers qualifying workers opportunities to apply for disability benefits so that they can continue to thrive despite their inabilities to earn for themselves. Applying for disability benefits can be confusing, but the law office of Jennifer Zorrilla is available to help.

Attorney Zorrilla and her team walk their clients through the process of understanding and securing Social Security disability benefits. They assist clients with initial applications as well as individuals who have had their applications denied. From start to finish the law office of Jennifer Zorrilla is available to answer individuals’ questions about the different options the Social Security Administration offers to qualifying workers.

Even the hardest working American needs help from time to time. The Social Security Administration recognizes that asking for help is not what many individuals want to do, but that it is something they have to do in order to keep themselves financially secure. Attorney Jennifer Zorrilla and her legal team are prepared to work with new and existing clients on their Social Security disability benefits applications.


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