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October 2016 Archives

How do I file an appeal from a denial of SSD benefits?

As many people in Southern California have learned, many applications for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are initially denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA.) In this post, we will summarize the various kinds of appeals that can be made from a decision denying SSD benefits.

Can a person get SSDI benefits for PTSD?

Most Californians have heard of "post traumatic stress disorder," or its short form "PTSD." In its most extreme forms, PTSD can have a severely disruptive effect on a person's life and can limit or interfere with an individual's ability to work. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are available to anyone who is prevented from engaging in substantial gainful activity by a mental or physical injury or condition. PTSD is one of the mental conditions that may allow a person to obtain SSDI benefits. In this post, we will review the symptoms that are necessary to qualify for SSD benefits based upon PTSD.