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March 2015 Archives

SSD claim denied? Do not lose hope

During our last two blog posts, we have discussed some of the myths surrounding Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and the SSDI application process. Too often, myths surrounding these benefits and the application process for them keep disabled Americans from applying for these entitlements. In truth, millions of disabled Americans receive these benefits and their financial lives are made more manageable as a result of receiving them. It is therefore important to sort myths from facts before giving up hope of receiving these benefits.

Don't believe everything you read about SSD benefits

It is important to be discriminating when you read about the current state of the Social Security Disability Insurance program. Even prominent and respected media outlets may opt to vocalize or publish information that is either devoid of important context or is otherwise misleading.

Debunking a few of the myths about disability benefits

As we've discussed on our blog, the Social Security Disability Insurance program plays an invaluable role for disabled workers and their dependents, providing them with a much-needed mechanism for replacing some of their lost income.