SSD claim denied? Do not lose hope

SSD claim denied? Do not lose hope

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

During our last two blog posts, we have discussed some of the myths surrounding Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and the SSDI application process. Too often, myths surrounding these benefits and the application process for them keep disabled Americans from applying for these entitlements. In truth, millions of disabled Americans receive these benefits and their financial lives are made more manageable as a result of receiving them. It is therefore important to sort myths from facts before giving up hope of receiving these benefits.

Unfortunately, it is not a myth that many claims are initially denied before they are eventually granted. The Social Security Administration is under constant scrutiny from lawmakers and the press. As a result, the SSA has instituted a challenging application process that few Americans “pass” on the first try. Oftentimes, recipients are only granted SSDI benefits after their claims have been denied one or more times.

It is therefore important not to lose hope if your claim has been initially denied. If you work with an attorney experienced in SSDI claims, you will better ensure that your claim is approved on appeal. Although no attorney can guarantee that your initial claim or appeal will be granted, an attorney’s experience will aid him or her in helping to ensure that your claim or appeal is as complete as possible.

If you feel like your claim is wrapped in red tape or is being too easily dismissed, you are not alone. Many Americans feel this way about their claims initially. However, millions of Americans have had their claims successfully approved on appeal and you may soon find yourself joining their ranks.

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