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June 2016 Archives

Reasons that disability benefits claims are denied

Social Security disability benefits enable disabled individuals to receive supplemental income when they are hurt or sick and cannot work. In San Diego, workers suffering from injuries and illnesses may prepare disability benefits applications to request financial support from the Social Security Administration. However, not every application for benefits is approved. There are a variety of reasons why those requests are not fulfilled.

What is a 'plan to achieve self-support' after disability?

For most people in San Diego, Social Security disability benefits are not a permanent means of income. In fact, individuals who receive these benefits are often given incentives to help them reduce their need for Social Security disability payments and to get back to work. One method of eliminating one's need for Social Security disability benefits is to create a plan to achieve self-support.

Does my medical condition mean I qualify for disability benefits?

There are certain medical conditions that will automatically qualify a San Diego resident for Social Security Disability benefits. Those conditions are listed in resources promulgated by the Social Security Administration and cover a wide range of impairments. Some qualifying impairments include conditions of the bones and joints, respiratory conditions, neurological disorders and blood illnesses. A comprehensive list of qualifying medical conditions should be consulted to determine if an individual's health problem is included therein.