Does my medical condition mean I qualify for disability benefits?

Does my medical condition mean I qualify for disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2016 | Social Security Disability |

There are certain medical conditions that will automatically qualify a San Diego resident for Social Security Disability benefits. Those conditions are listed in resources promulgated by the Social Security Administration and cover a wide range of impairments. Some qualifying impairments include conditions of the bones and joints, respiratory conditions, neurological disorders and blood illnesses. A comprehensive list of qualifying medical conditions should be consulted to determine if an individual’s health problem is included therein.

However, some individuals whose medical conditions do not appear on the Social Security Administration’s lists may be able to secure disability benefits as well. They generally must show that their impairments are real and that the presence of the impairments can be supported by medical evidence. X-rays, blood tests, notes from doctors and many other pieces of medical data may be used as evidence in a Social Security Disability benefits application.

Even if a person has impairments that are supported by evidence, an applicant may still have a disability benefits claim denied if it is found that the applicant may be able to hold down a job. Being able to perform a job relates to an individual’s residual functional capacity. If a person’s residual functional capacity suggests that he is capable of working, it is possible that he may not be approved for benefits based on a medically-supported impairment.

There is, therefore, no straightforward answer for determining if an impairment that is not included on the Social Security Administration’s lists will permit an individual to begin receiving disability benefits. There is complexity in establishing a medical impairment and undergoing a residual functional capacity evaluation.