Reasons that disability benefits claims are denied

Reasons that disability benefits claims are denied

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Social Security disability benefits enable disabled individuals to receive supplemental income when they are hurt or sick and cannot work. In San Diego, workers suffering from injuries and illnesses may prepare disability benefits applications to request financial support from the Social Security Administration. However, not every application for benefits is approved. There are a variety of reasons why those requests are not fulfilled.

Some applications for benefits are denied simply because they possess technical deficiencies and do not meet the requirements of the application process. Remedying technical deficiencies can improve an applicant’s chances of having his request for benefits approved.

Additionally, an application for Social Security disability benefits may be turned down if the applicant can still earn an income above a level set by the Social Security Administration, known as the substantial gainful activity level. Ultimately, disability benefits are intended to provide financial support to people who are unable to earn enough of an income to support themselves. If a person’s earning capacity puts him above the level of substantial gainful activity as set by the Social Security Administration, then he may be denied Social Security disability benefits.

Finally, a request for benefits may be denied if the injury or illness that prevents the worker from earning an income resulted from the applicant’s participation in an illegal activity. Drug use can preclude a person from receiving benefits if it is determined that the applicant would not be considered disabled but for his or her current (but not past) drug use. An applicant’s involvement in the commission of a crime may also lead to a denial of benefits.

These are only a handful of the many reasons a person’s disability benefits claim may be rejected. It is important for workers whose claims have been denied to understand why their applications have been returned so that they can improve them for reconsideration. Those workers who wish to secure help with the preparation of their applications for disability benefits may seek the assistance of lawyers who practice Social Security disability law.