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July 2016 Archives

Disabled children may receive Supplemental Security Income

Disabilities keep many California residents from working in their chosen fields and professions. When injuries and illnesses prevent them from earning incomes of their own, they can struggle to make ends meet and maintain their livelihoods. In some circumstances when a person's disability keeps him from earning a sufficient income on which to live, he or she may apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Supplemental Security Income may be an option for you

Our law firm sees disabled clients that are facing various different financial circumstances. They may have worked their whole life and then became disabled. They may have been out of work for a decade or more and became fully disabled. They may also be the low-income parents of a child who is fully disabled.

We can help you address a denied disability benefits claim

Recently, this blog discussed some of the reasons that claims for Social Security disability benefits may be denied. While technical problems in a request for benefits may be easily remedied, other problems in an application for disability benefits may be more challenging to identify and fix. When a person cannot put together his disability benefits request for the Social Security Administration on his own, the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla in San Diego may be able to help.