We can help you address a denied disability benefits claim

We can help you address a denied disability benefits claim

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2016 | Social Security Disability |

Recently, this blog discussed some of the reasons that claims for Social Security disability benefits may be denied. While technical problems in a request for benefits may be easily remedied, other problems in an application for disability benefits may be more challenging to identify and fix. When a person cannot put together his disability benefits request for the Social Security Administration on his own, the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla in San Diego may be able to help.

This firm has helped clients with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities, including but not limited to brain injuries, depression and degenerative diseases. As each debilitating ailment brings with it different medical evaluations and treatments necessary for its diagnosis and care, this firm takes care to secure the right evidence to support our clients claims for disability support.

It can be very frustrating for a person with a disability to see his or her benefits claim denied. For this reason, the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla approaches each appeal individually and provides its clients with the individualized legal support that they need to give them an opportunity to have their requests for benefits reevaluated. Though no legal outcome can be guaranteed, some individuals are able to have their denied claims successfully overturned when they are able to remedy the deficiencies that existed in their original requests and applications.

Attorney Jennifer Zorrilla has more than fifteen years of legal experience and is prepared to support new clients as they submit new disability benefits applications as well as benefits appeals to the Social Security Administration. Her firm’s website provides readers with a wealth of information about the process of pursuing disability benefits through Social Security, which may be of interest to those seeking benefits.