San Diego area residents with MS may qualify for SSDI benefits

San Diego area residents with MS may qualify for SSDI benefits

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Earlier this month the National Multiple Sclerosis Society hosted an event on the East Coast to raise awareness about MS. A meteorologist for a national network wrote a story about her life with MS. The weather forecaster, who works for Fox, says that she first noticed symptoms after the hurricane season ended in 2005. That year saw many hurricanes, including Katrina. The meteorologist says that she began experiencing her first symptoms of MS after the season ended.

She took some time off work thinking that her fatigue and other issues were related to the tough season. While away from work, more symptoms began to appear. She was later diagnosed with MS. She is back at work. She says that episodes have been fairly sparse for her. But for many people with the condition, MS can be debilitating.

The Social Security Administration has a listing for MS in the neurological section of what many call the “Blue Book.” The listings provide the criteria the agency uses for determining whether a physical or mental impairment qualifies as disabling for the purposes of Social Security disability insurance benefits or Supplemental Security Income.

Essentially, a diagnosis alone for many conditions may not be nearly enough to qualify for benefits. We have discussed the fast track, Compassionate Allowances program previously. Even those who have been diagnosed with a condition listed in that program need to provide sufficient other information to qualify. For most conditions, disabled workers in the San Diego area must provide sufficient evidence in a number of areas to support a claim for federal disability benefits.

Workers who have been diagnosed with MS and suffer from extreme fatigue, have difficulty seeing, remembering, or concentrating or a number of other symptoms that make it impossible to continue to work may qualify for SSDI benefits. Legal counsel can provide advice and assistance in pursuit of a SSDI claim through the Social Security Administration.

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