Senate hearings on SSDI continue

Senate hearings on SSDI continue

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Social Security has been a hot topic for discussion and debate in this country for decades. Many Americans support this entitlement program and many do not. Some wish to reform the system by privatizing it and others want to bolster the program by reinforcing its federal financial support.

Increasingly, lawmakers are concerned that Social Security will not remain financially viable at all unless its budget is significantly trimmed. But when elderly and disabled individuals need entitlement funds to remain at their current spending levels or increased levels, how can the Social Security budget be effectively cut?

Partially in response to mounting fiscal concerns, the Senate Finance Committee’s Subcommittee on Social Security, Pensions and Family recently began hearings on the Social Security Disability Insurance program specifically. Last month, the House moved to change a rule that allows for reallocation of funds into the Social Security Disability Insurance coffers. The House’s move would prohibit this kind of reallocation. The Senate subcommittee hearings will almost certainly explore the impact of this rule change.

It does not yet seem necessary for SSDI recipients to panic. However, it is important for both SSDI recipients and supporters of the SSDI program to consider contacting your federal representatives. As Social Security reform measures evolve, legislators will almost certainly be swayed by the voices of their constituents. If you either rely on SSDI benefits or support this entitlement in general, you may wish to consider raising your voice. If only the voices of individuals who oppose SSDI funding are heard, their opinions are almost surely going to affect changes in policy.

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