Study: certain video games might help with PTSD

Study: certain video games might help with PTSD

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Video games can be a fun diversion. But may some such games also be able to help with the mental/emotional health of individuals who have experienced traumatic events? A recent study looked into this and yielded results that some may find rather surprising.

The study’s subjects were 56 volunteers. In the study, these volunteers were shown video clips of distressing events, and then a day later were shown still images from the clips they had seen. After this, the researchers had some, but not all, of the subjects play the video game Tetris.

The researchers then looked at how much in the way of traumatic memories the subjects experienced in the following week to see if there was any difference on that front between the subjects who had played Tetris and those who hadn’t. The study found that there were far fewer traumatic memories among the subjects who played Tetris than there were among the subjects who didn’t.

Tetris is considered to be a visually demanding game. Based on the results of the study, the study’s researchers believe that playing visually demanding video games might sometimes help those who witnessed/experienced traumatic events experience fewer intrusive memories in relation to the trauma.

One of the big symptoms that post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers often exhibit are intrusive traumatic memories. Thus, the study’s researchers think that there may be a possibility that playing visually demanding video games could have PTSD prevention and PTSD symptom reduction value for some individuals.

Do you think certain video games could be able to help with PTSD?

Finding ways to help prevent PTSD and ease PTSD symptoms for those who suffer from the disorder is very important, as this disorder can affect a person in some very major ways.

Sometimes, PTSD symptoms make it so holding employment is no longer possible for a person. PTSD sufferers who have had to exit the workforce because of the symptoms of their condition should consider speaking with a Social Security disability lawyer. Such lawyers can provide such individuals with information on SSD claims and help them with determining if, given their particular circumstances, they would have a strong claim for SSD benefits.

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