September is a time to raise awareness

September is a time to raise awareness

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Perhaps it’s because school starts up after the summer break that September is named awareness month by a number of groups devoted to raising knowledge levels on different health conditions and diseases. For instance, we’re in the middle of National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month, Healthy Aging Month, National ITP Awareness Month (ITP is Immune Thrombocytopenia, a bleeding disorder) and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

That’s not all. This is also Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, so it’s a time to recognize a lot of people who are struggling to deal with very serious health issues not only in the San Diego area but across the nation.

Let’s take a brief look at these profound medical conditions that can result in preventing a person from holding a job and some of the groups dedicated to raising awareness:

  • National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month: the Heart Rhythm Society says AFib “is the most common arrhythmia…(affecting) more than 2.5 million American adults.”
  • National ITP Awareness Month: says “ITP is a growing but little understood health problem that most people (including some medical professionals) have never heard of.”
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) tells newly diagnosed people that the coalition exists to “support you and your family throughout the course of your disease.”
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: More than 80 percent of childhood cancers can be successfully treated, the Children’s Cancer Research Fund says.

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