Fighting back every day

Fighting back every day

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Many of us wrongly think of Alzheimer’s disease as a condition that only plagues old people. The reality is that it can strike in the prime of life. The Alzheimer’s Association says that many people with early-onset Alzheimer’s are in their 50s or even their 40s.

“They have families, careers or are even caregivers themselves when Alzheimer’s disease strikes.” Unsurprisingly, when the disease strikes, it leaves a person unable to hold a job and continue a career. Now a researcher north of San Diego is trying to determine if those with the condition can fight back with exercise.

A University of California Irvine researcher says “exercise promotes healthy brain aging and improves a person’s cognitive function, and basically really makes the people feel better.” The doctor notes that exercise doesn’t just make those with dementia or Alzheimer’s function better; regular aerobic exercise is good for the minds and bodies of every person at every age.

A clinical study is about to launch to see if exercise slows Alzheimer’s. The data indicating that aerobic activities can impede the progress of the condition “is not definitive yet but likely,” the researcher told a TV station.

Alzheimer’s Community Care notes that Alzheimer’s is not the only disease that results in dementia. Others include Pick’s Disease, Diffuse Lewy Body Disease, Huntington’s disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. In addition, conditions such as depression can “cause or mimic dementia.”

For families with a loved one struggling with one of the conditions, hope lies not only in research but in financial assistance such as Social Security Disability. We know that the monthly benefits can make a world of difference in family life and in an individual’s life, which is why we fight to help San Diego residents prevented from working to get the help they need and deserve.

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