Budget deal spares SSDI from cuts

Budget deal spares SSDI from cuts

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2015 | Social Security Disability |

Who says Democrats and Republicans can’t work together? OK, most people agree that bipartisan moments are rare between the two, but the political parties recently struck a budget deal that will raise the national debt limit, increase spending on the military and on nonmilitary programs and spare Social Security disability recipients any cuts in benefits for at least the next two years.

The deal allows SSDI beneficiaries to count on the presence of the nation’s safety net for workers prevented by disabilities from continuing with their jobs and careers.

Regular readers of our San Diego SSDI blog know we have repeatedly expressed concerns in this space that politicians would be unable to overcome their partisan differences and resolve the looming SSDI funding shortfall. To the amazement of many observers, Republicans and Democrats were able to do just that.

The budget accord makes a relatively minor change in the SSDI application process, however, requiring applicants in all 50 states to submit to a medical test before approval of their claim. That change will save the federal government approximately $5 billion, the New York Times states.

The biggest SSDI news in the deal: Social Security trust funds will be reallocated to ensure that full disability payments are made to the millions who depend on them. Let’s hope that in the two years covered by the budget deal, politicians work together again and fashion a permanent fix for SSD/SSDI so that no recipient has to worry in the future that their assistance will be slashed.

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