Pregnancy is not a disability for Social Security benefits

Pregnancy is not a disability for Social Security benefits

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Pregnancy is a very important time in the life of a woman. For around three-quarters of an entire calendar year, she grows and carries with her a new life that will enter the world as her child. For some San Diego moms, pregnancy is an easy experience full of joy and comfort. For others, pregnancy is a challenge that taxes the limits of their bodies.

Pregnancy can cause some women to suffer significant medical setbacks, including but not limited to pain, nausea, and pregnancy-related disease. Women who cannot overcome their pregnancy-related health problems are sometimes prescribed bed rest in order to allow their pregnancies to proceed down healthy paths. However, when women are placed on bed rest or have to take time off of work to deal with their conditions, they may lose out on the opportunity to earn incomes that are necessary to their livelihoods.

Under federal Social Security disability law, pregnancy is not considered a permanent disability. This is generally because pregnancy eventually ends. For this reason, women cannot seek federal Social Security disability benefits for their pregnancy-related ailments.

The state of California, however, provides temporary disability benefits to pregnant women and their partners. Depending upon an individual’s employer and how they choose to implement the short-term disability provision, a pregnant woman may be able to receive some benefits during her time of pregnancy and maternity leave.

Even though pregnancy can involve surgery and other significant medical interventions, it is not a permanent disability under federal Social Security disability law. Individuals who wish to learn more about pregnancy and short-term disability benefits in the state of California can choose to speak with attorneys who work in the Social Security disability law field.