Widow benefits are possible through Social Security

Widow benefits are possible through Social Security

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Imagine that for your entire life, you have worked towards having your own career. You went to school, earned your degree and prepared to work down a path that would yield you a bountiful career. During the course of your life, you meet someone and the two of you decide to have a child.

As a result, you and your spouse talk it over — and since your spouse has a more lucrative career and you need to have someone take care of your newborn, the two of you make a tough decision: you will leave your career behind and take care of your child so that your spouse can continue his or her more lucrative career.

Now, let’s imagine one of the worst possible outcomes in this situation. After many years with this setup, what if the spouse with the more lucrative career died, leaving the widow and their child behind with little to do to compensate for the loss? Cases like this can actually be addressed through Social Security claims.

There are ways for a widow to apply for Social Security benefits because of a deceased spouse. Depending on your spouse’s work history and earnings, you could be entitled to financial benefits through Social Security.

These are complex claims, and if you are denied, there is a chance you could win on appeal. At the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla, we can help you every step of the way with your Social Security claim, no matter the circumstances involved.