Navigating Social Security disability benefits

Navigating Social Security disability benefits

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Social Security Disability |

After suffering a work accident and incurring a debilitating injury, a San Diego resident may not know how he will pay his bills. He may worry about how he will provide for his family and how he will make ends meet without the ability to earn an income. When a person is unable to work he can feel as though he is unable to take care of other important commitments in his life.

One way that an injured party may secure financial assistance in the wake of his accident is to seek out Social Security disability benefits. A person’s job must be covered by Social Security in order for him to receive the benefits and the person must be disabled under the applicable law’s definition. Just meeting these two requirements is not always enough, however, for a person to begin receiving the important payments he needs to keep his life on track.

Since applying for Social Security disability benefits can be an important step in eventually receiving payments, some people choose to secure the help of legal professionals to ensure that they are meeting all of the benefits program’s requirements. The legal team at the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla is prepared to help new clients investigate their prospective Social Security disability benefits claims and to provide then with guidance as they prepare their applications.

For many people a job is a means to a paycheck. When a work injury takes a person out of his employment he often loses the wages that he depends on. Readers are welcome to contact the professionals of the Law Office of Jennifer Zorrilla to learn more about their eligibility for Social Security disability benefits.