Social Security disability’s Ticket to Work program

Social Security disability’s Ticket to Work program

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Californians who have suffered a disability know the challenges they can face when their injury or illness renders them unable to work. Sure, these individuals may have extensive physical pain as well as physical limitations, but for many people with disabilities the financial damage is truly debilitating. This is why the federal government created the Social Security disability system. While SSD benefits can be a financial lifesaver for those with a disability, they may not last forever. Claims undergo periodic review, and the Social Security Administration tries to incentivize individuals to return to work.

How is this done? Primarily through a program called “Ticket to Work.” This program, available to those between the ages of 18 and 64, seeks to give disabled individuals access to employment opportunities in hopes of weaning them off of the SSD system. Participants in the program often have access to free educational and career services that can help them find a job that is right for them.

Many disabled individuals think that going back to work will cause their benefits to cease. This is not the case with the Ticket to Work program. Instead, the SSA has created a transition whereby, for a period of time, individuals can work, earn a wage and still collect disability benefits. However, as with acquiring SSD benefits in the first place, those interested in this program need to ensure that they meet federal requirements and follow all the rules laid out by the SSA.

Although the Ticket to Work program might be right for some individuals, for others working just isn’t a reality. Yet, even these individuals may have their benefits threatened when the SSA reviews their claim. Those who need assistance with their initial disability claim, an appeal of a claim denial or fighting a cessation of benefits may want to consider speaking with a qualified legal professional.

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