Know the requirements for requesting supplemental security income

Know the requirements for requesting supplemental security income

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

The Social Security Administration is responsible for administering a variety of government benefits programs, one of which involves supplemental security income. Supplemental security income may be available to San Diego residents who have limited incomes and who suffer from qualifying disabilities or qualify due to age. This post will discuss some of the requirements that individuals must meet to qualify for supplemental security income, though readers who wish to pursue this benefits program are encouraged to discuss their eligibility with attorneys who work in the Social Security benefits field of law.

First, a person must either be blind, disabled, or over the age of 65 in order to receive supplemental security income. The Social Security Administration provides detailed information regarding what qualifies for a disability and disabilities can result from either injuries or illnesses that affect the applicants’ bodies and minds.

Second, a person must meet certain citizenship requirements in order to qualify. Their income must be limited and they must not have other resources from which they may draw financial support in order to meet their needs. Supplemental security income is intended to provide help to those who have no other means of monetary support.

Finally, a person must fill out an application for supplemental security income in order to qualify. The application process for seeking this significant government benefit can be burdensome and unfortunately some individuals make mistakes or omit important information during the application process which can lead to their requests for support being denied. Though applicants can have their requests reviewed it is often more efficient to utilize the services of a benefits attorney during the initial application process to ensure that one’s request for supplemental security income is presented in its most clear and convincing format.