We help get the SSD benefits application right the first time

We help get the SSD benefits application right the first time

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

California residents, like other residents across the country, are hard working individuals who probably would like to keep working until they are physically unable to do so anymore. They take pride in their work and the ability to provide for themselves. Which is probably why a disability setting them back can be so upsetting. It can significantly cut short their ability to earn and provide for themselves and their independence.

However emotionally disappointing, an injury or disability that affects someone’s ability to perform substantial gainful activity, as discussed in a recent post, it can also be financially devastating. This is why there are various federal programs that help disabled individuals become financially stable. Social Security Disability, administered by the Social Security Administration, is one such program.

There are federal regulations that lay out the requirements of eligibility to receive SSD benefits and it is important to ensure that all the paperwork is complete; otherwise the application could be denied. A denied application can be devastating for the applicant, which is why getting it right the first time is crucial. Our law firm can help with that.

Lawyers at our firm understand what is at stake for people applying for SSD benefits; therefore, they are prepared to help clients fill out forms and collect relevant and correct medical evidence. Having worked in this field for more than 15 years, our founding partner has extensive knowledge of disability law and uses it to his client’s benefit. For more on SSD benefits, visit our page. Whether you are considering SSD benefits, are currently in the application process or were recently denied benefits, it is important to gain a full picture of your rights and options in the situation.