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Residual functional capacity in assessment of mental disorders

When a San Diego resident files a claim for Social Security disability benefits based on a medical or mental disease or disorder they must substantiate their claim with evidence. They may have to submit to evaluation in order to prove that their condition prevents them from earning an income and for each individual the process may take a different path. For individuals who file benefits claims based on mental disorders the determination of their residual functional capacities will determine if benefits will be offered.

An individual’s RFC can fall into one of four categories. A person can be determined to have a disability that (1) does not significantly limit their ability to work; (2) moderately limits their ability to work; (3) markedly limits their ability to work; or (4) the evaluation provides insufficient evidence to make a determination.

Evaluations that result in RFCs of the first and second category may not qualify the individual for Social Security disability benefits based on mental disorders. Those individuals may wish to appeal the decisions and with the help of Social Security benefits attorneys may find more success as their applications are reviewed.

However, individuals whose RFCs come out to the third category may be able to secure the benefits that they seek. In order to be found to have a mental disorder that markedly limits their ability to work a person generally must have problems with their understanding and memory, have difficulties in social situations, have difficulties with adapting or face challenges with concentration.

Only certain mental disorders qualify individuals to apply for Social Security disability benefits. For readers who wish to pursue claims of this type, it is recommended that they speak with attorneys about their cases. This post should not be read as legal advice or as providing legal guidance.


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