We help people understand the SSD process

We help people understand the SSD process

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

It is a common fact of life that it is not easy for most people to ask for help. it can even be even harder if they were used to being financially independent and the breadwinner of their household, but an unexpected injury has left them unable to do that anymore. An adult who has worked their whole life, now suddenly unable to take care of themselves and unable to work, may find this new phase of their life frustrating and lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.

As mentioned previously on this blog, the Social Security Administration provides this safety net to qualifying individuals and the SSD benefits they receive are often the lifeline they need to keep going. However, many people do not realize how SSD benefits can protect them from financial devastation and hesitate to file for them, because they do not want to ask for help and the process itself may be too complicated to undertake on one’s own.

But California residents are not on their own. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jennifer Zorrilla have worked with hundreds of people to get them the benefits they deserve and, in the process thoroughly familiarized themselves with the process, from filling out the forms to representation in front of an administrative judge. They understand what is at stake for claimants and why it might feel like the system is stacked against them, but also use their in-depth knowledge of the system in their client’s favor.

Gathering the right paperwork and understanding the SSD process is half the battle and we undertake it on behalf of our clients. For more on SSD benefits, visit our SSD page.