What qualifies you for SSD benefits?

What qualifies you for SSD benefits?

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No one expects it. A sudden accident causes one to suffer serious injuries. These injuries significantly impact the victim’s ability to function and even care for him or herself. Additionally, this poses challenges when it comes to maintaining a job. When a person suffers a debilitating injury in an accident, he or she could be determined temporarily or permanently disabled. This could qualify the injured party for Social Security disability benefits.

What qualifies you for SSD benefits? According to the Social Security administration, an applicant could qualify for these benefits if he or she meets the terms required by the SSD program. To begin, an applicant must have worked long enough, obtaining enough work credits. This usually equate to working for 10 years. Additionally, the applicant must currently be suffering from a medical condition that meets the SSA’s strict definition of disability.

The SSA defines disability as not being able to do the work that you did before, are unable to adjust to your work because of the medical condition and the disability in question has lasted or is expected to last at least a year or result in his or her death. If an applicant meets this definition and is suffering from a disability that the SSA covers, then he or she could receive monthly payments. These payments are used to offset the financial harms caused by being unable to work. These funds are to be used to cover the basic living needs.

If you are currently living with a disabling injury, it is important to understand your rights and options. This could mean applying for SSD benefits, helping you to cover your living expenses while you recover from the injuries suffered.

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