Are any SSD claims ever expedited?

Are any SSD claims ever expedited?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

Living with a disability is difficult and often prevents people from earning a living at the very time when they need the money to get the treatment to make them get better. The financial hardship of their disability also makes it difficult to make ends meet. Recognizing this issue, the Social Security Administration grants Social Security Disability to individuals whose disability prevents them from working and if they meet the medical and federal requirements. However, as mentioned previously, there is a backlog in the disability decision process, which leaves people without the very help that could possibly keep them alive. There are ways however to expedite the process.

If the claimant is suffering from a terminal disease, described as one that is untreatable, irreversible and expected to result in death, then the case is expedited. Just because something has been flagged however does not necessarily mean it will be considered a disability. It will still go through all the steps to determine if it is one or not.

If someone can demonstrate they fall within the dire need case, their application can also be expedited. To show this, the claimant must allege any of the following; the claimant is both without food and unable to obtain it, access to medical care is restricted because of a lack of resources or the person lacks medical care, or the claimant is without shelter, including situations where their residence is without utilities, making their house uninhabitable or facing imminent eviction with no way to get shelter.

There are also other instances where applications can be expedited, such as if the claimant is a veteran on disability or a wounded warrior. To understand how to expedite one’s application and to get the disability benefits one needs dearly, it might be beneficial to consult an experienced lawyer.