Call an experienced lawyer for help in SSD benefits process

Call an experienced lawyer for help in SSD benefits process

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

It can be extremely frustrating for formerly active and independent California residents to suddenly be out of the workforce and dependent on everyone else for their basic needs due to a sudden injury or ailment that has rendered them incapable of working. It is also financially devastating, which many people do not expect. This is why Social Security Disability benefits are so important for the applicant-the benefits, which may seem meager to many, may be the thread holding the family together post disability.

People are often not willing to help disabled adults and, as mentioned in last week’s post, budget cuts have left the Social Security Administration struggling to keep up with demand. There are long waits to talk to representatives both on the phone and in person. The backlog in application review is almost two years. Making what may seem like a simple mistake could mean the application gets denied or delayed, something most applicants cannot afford to have happen.

Experienced professionals at the Law Offices of Jennifer Zorrilla regularly help disabled adults through the application process, by ensuring they gather the correct evidence, fill out the right forms and are prepared for their hearings. Not only do they have a deep understanding and knowledge of disability law, the founding partner has worked with low-income individuals with disabilities during her career as a public defender and understands how it may seem like the system is stacked against them. With hard work and dedication, she has helped many get what they deserve from the system.

Its important to have someone by your side when going through a complicated process such as applying for SSD benefits, especially when income requirements change regularly. Visit our page for more information.