We can help you apply for SSD benefits or appeal a decision

We can help you apply for SSD benefits or appeal a decision

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

A physical or cognitive disability that suddenly leaves a normally productive California resident unable to go to work, complete routine tasks or become unable to take care of other family members can be emotionally frustrating. Not to mention, it is also financially overwhelming to suddenly see bills pile up and be unable to do anything about it because one no longer has a job.

The federal benefits programs administered by the Social Security Administration provide financial assistance both for those who are struggling to make ends meet because they do not have a job and for those who want to attempt to return to the workforce. As mentioned last week, the TTW program encourages disabled workers to try and start working again while still receiving financial assistance and remaining eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits for a certain period of time without having to submit an application.

These incentives and benefits may prove to be useless for those who are unable to wrap their head around the technicalities of the application. This is where experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Jennifer Zorrilla can prove to be useful-with a practice focused 100 percent on helping people receive SSD benefits, they provide personalized and compassionate advice to all those who need it.

They understand what is at stake for first time applicants and for those who are appealing an administrative decision and work with and for their clients to get the benefits they deserve. For more on how they work dedicatedly to help their clients, visit our page.