Meeting the definition of disability for Social Security benefits

Meeting the definition of disability for Social Security benefits

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Everyday injuries and illnesses can prevent San Diego residents from getting out of bed and getting to their places of employment. When these transient ailments attack, individuals may have to take a day or two off of work so that they can recuperate and come back feeling ready to accomplish their tasks. While short-term physical harm can be detrimental to a person’s career, it generally will not disrupt their ability to earn an income for more than a few days.

However, serious injuries and illnesses can force individuals out of their jobs indefinitely. The treatment that a person may have to undertake to improve their health may stop them from working and contributing to the success of their home lives. Without the ability to work, a person may not have an opportunity to support themselves with their own income.

The Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to individuals who meet the organization’s definition of disabled. In order to be considered disabled for the purposes of receiving disability benefits, a person must be unable to undertake substantial gainful activity because of a physical or mental ailment that is permanent or expected to last for at least a year.

The ailment on which a person’s claim of disability is based must be medically determinable. That means that the ailment must be recognized by doctors and must be supported by medical evidence. Building a case for social security disability benefits takes the hard work of an applicant, their medical professionals, and a committed legal professional to demonstrate the applicant’s need for support. Attorneys can advocate for their clients so that they have the best possible chances to get the financial help they need.