Benefits of applying for Social Security Disability

Benefits of applying for Social Security Disability

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Less than one in three workers in the country have private disability insurance, which means that if they sustain an injury that prevents them from working they may have no means of assistance. Social Security Disability Insurance is the one safety net that more than 155 million workers rely on, as they are insured through their payroll or FICA taxes.

While California residents may only think of severe injuries from preventing someone from working, the reality is that arthritis, strokes, diabetes and heart diseases are also common reasons why people are unable to continue working. As a result, people apply for disability benefits not just for themselves and their medical treatment, but also for their family members. If approved, individuals can get valuable income to support their households while they recover from their condition. Some conditions require extensive medical treatment to achieve stability to begin working again. SSD becomes essential financial support to get through the difficult times.

It also provides healthcare coverage through Medicare, as applicant become eligible for the program 24 months after they begin receiving cash benefits. In addition to this, individuals can also protect their retirement benefits by applying for SSD benefits, as the years benefits are being received do not factor into retirement benefits.

There are a number of reasons why applying for SSD benefits can be beneficial for someone who is unable to work and earn a stable income for a number of years or permanently. However, it is important to apply for them as soon as one becomes injured as insurance coverage might be lost and it takes time for the application to go through the system.