Should you apply for SSD or SSI?

Should you apply for SSD or SSI?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Payroll taxes are the main source of funding for Social Security Disability benefits. SSD benefits are available to those who have worked for a certain number of years and have made the necessary contributions to the Social Security trust fund through various taxes. However, the Social Security Administration also administers disability benefits through another programSupplemental Security Income.

SSI is a means-tested program. Payments are provided to disabled individuals who have few resources and low income, regardless of their work history. California residents who are considering applying for benefits must understand the SSA’s strict definition of “disability” and meet it by providing the necessary medical and financial documents.

Since Social Security covers millions of people, the SSA takes its job of evaluating a person’s eligibility very seriously. Those who are planning on applying should be aware of which category they fall under and what paperwork is required to prove the case. It is also important to note that requirements change from year to year. For example, where one work credit was earned for every $1,320 in wages an individual made in 2018, in 2019 this amount has gone up to $1,360. This means four credits will be earned when someone has made $5,440 in a year, not $5,280 as before.

Determining which program a person falls under can be confusing, especially if someone has not worked recently and is not sure if they have enough work credits. It might be beneficial to get more information which benefits program to pursue. Seeking the assistance of an experienced can be helpful for thos in such situations.