What happens if your SSD benefits are being reviewed?

What happens if your SSD benefits are being reviewed?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Once California residents have finally completed their Social Security Disability benefits applications, submitted them, gotten them approved and begun receiving SSD benefits, they might think their hard work has paid off and they are now at the end of the road. However, the Social Security Administration conducts periodic reviews, ensuring only those people who are disabled receive SSD benefits. News of a review may overwhelm recipients, but most often, there is nothing to worry about.

The SSA conducts two types of continuing disability reviews: full medical reviews and mailers. The SSA uses computer scoring models to identify cases that are less likely to demonstrate medical improvement. Then, questionnaires are sent out to obtain additional information, after which it is determined if further medical reviews are required. A full medical review ends up being more expensive, since there needs to be a new medical evaluation and disability.

If there are higher chances for improvement, those cases may be sent to the State Disability Determination Services for a full medical review. It is helpful to provide updated medical evidence to the SSA to prove a benefits recipient is still disabled, as per the SSA’s definition. If they come to the decision that a person no longer requires SSD benefits, it will be possible to appeal that decision.

Going through the review process might seem daunting and recipients may worry that the wrong information could result in their benefits ending. However, with the right approach, residents can collect and present accurate and pertinent information for the periodic review.