Overview of SSI benefits

Overview of SSI benefits

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There are two actually two types of Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. For those California residents who have a documented work history, SSD benefits may be available to them. Those who apply for these benefits are eligible for them, so long as they legally qualify as disabled.

However, many people in the greater San Diego area may have never been able to work due to a life-long disabling condition. In other cases, a person may require some extra financial help just because he is of limited means. After all, those who suffer from serious illnesses or injuries often find it hard to earn income and frequently have limited resources as well.

For people in these circumstances, supplemental security income, or SSI benefits, may be available. As with the case with SSD benefits, someone seeking SSI will have to prove that she indeed has a medical condition that meets the Social Security Administration’s definition of a disability.

Moreover, someone attempting to qualify for SSI will have to demonstrate that he has limited assets. Exactly how much property a person can own and still qualify for SSI is spelled out in the law. Applicants should also be aware that certain types of property do not count as their assets.

Likewise, in order to obtain SSI, an applicant will have to prove that she earns less than a threshold amount of monthly income. Income includes both work from employment and income from other sources, such as investments. On the other hand, one need not have a documented work history in order to qualify for SSI. In other words, SSI is a benefit that those who are seriously disabled and have never been able to work can use to help support themselves.