How can you obtain benefits for an intellectual disability?

How can you obtain benefits for an intellectual disability?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Experts estimate that one out of 100 people suffer from what the mental health community now refers to as an “intellectual” disability. In practice, this means that hundreds of thousands of California residents have limited intellectual functioning, to the point of having their professional and personal lives affected significantly. In many cases, someone with an intellectual disability may have a hard time holding a job or even performing basic life tasks.

The Social Security Administration recognizes intellectual disabilities as a condition which can qualify a San Diego resident for disability benefits. However, proving that an intellectual disability actually prevents a person from earning a living is not always easy, particularly in light of modern psychology’s take on this condition. The modern mental health community, for instance, does not rely exclusively on an IQ test to determine whether a person has an intellectual disability. While an IQ score of under 75 is a potential flag, a doctor who is evaluating a patient for a possible intellectual disability will consider other questions.

In general, the doctor will ask how well the patient is able to participate in a social setting and whether the person can perform basic life tasks, like managing money and self-care. In other words, it is quite possible for someone with an intellectual disability, particularly one described as “mild,” to be able to hold a job and function in society. California residents who may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits may need to get more information about the application process for their best chance to get approved to receive benefits.