Families of people receiving SSDI could also receive benefits

Families of people receiving SSDI could also receive benefits

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Almost everyone in California suffer injuries or become ill at some point in time. Some injuries and illnesses will take longer than others to heal though. Also, some injuries and illnesses cause permanent damage that people may need to live with for the rest of their lives. These types of injuries and illnesses can completely change people’s lives and prevent them from doing many activities, one of the most important being, which is work.

If people are unable to work, they will not be able to earn an income, which can cause many other problems in people’s lives. People who find themselves in this situation may be entitled to social security disability benefits (SSDI) which can help provide some money for their basic needs.

Some people receiving SSDI also have families as well and the money that they receive may not always be enough to support their family. That is why in some situations the spouse and children of the disable person may be able to receive benefits as well. The family can receive a total of 150% – 180% of the main monthly benefit.


The spouse of a person receiving SSDI can receive benefits if they have children who are under 16 years old or if the child is disabled. Spouses can also receive benefits if they are at 62 years old, if they do not have children under 16. However, at that time if the spouse would receive more in SSI retirement benefits based on their own work history, the spouse will not receive anything for the disability.


Children of the disabled person, which include biological children, adopted children and step-children, can receive benefits until they are 18 years old or until they graduate high school, but benefits end automatically two months after they turn 19. Children who are disabled can continue to receive benefits after turning 18, if the disability occurred before the child turned 22.

There are many people in California who either receive SSDI or are eligible for benefits. These benefits are very important and can extend to the disabled person’s family as well. Receiving the proper benefits can be a complicated process though and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.