Can people with epilepsy receive SSDI?

Can people with epilepsy receive SSDI?

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In order for people to meet their needs and pay their bills each month, most people in San Diego need jobs and earn an income. There are many different types of jobs that people have though. Different types of jobs require different types of both physical and mental capacity to perform the work. However, in order to have a particular job people need to be able to be able to perform the job tasks with reasonable accommodation, if necessary.

When people are either injured or sick it can make performing the various tasks difficult and in some situations even impossible. This can create a very difficult situation for them both physically and financially since they are unable to earn an income. Paying for medical bills, their monthly bills and simply being able to buy food may become difficult. People in this position may be able to obtain social security disability benefits (SSDI) to help with the financial hardships.

Requirements for receiving SSDI with epilepsy

People who, despite adhering to their prescriptions and treatment, still experience generalized tonic-clonic seizures once a month for three consecutive months or dyscognitive seizures at least once a week for three consecutive months may qualify for SSDI.

Also, people who have significant limitations with physical functioning, trouble remembering, concentrating, managing themselves and other physical and/or cognitive problems may also qualify if they have generalized tonic-clonic seizures at least once every two months for 4 consecutive months or at least one dyscognitve seizures once every two weeks for four consecutive months.

Many people have epilepsy in the San Diego area and some people may be able to manage it through medical treatment. This is not true for everyone though and some with the disorder are unable to do many normal life activities, including working. If this is true people may be able to obtain SSDI to give them the ability to pay for the necessities of life. It can be a long and complicated process though and consulting with an experienced attorney could be beneficial.