With new SSA rule on horizon, uncertainty for disabled workers looms

With new SSA rule on horizon, uncertainty for disabled workers looms

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For injured workers dependent on disability benefits, the future is becoming more uncertain.

The SSA is in the process of finalizing two new rules intended to make the SSDI application process more challenging, and the prospects of keeping benefits more suspect.

The rules are part of the Trump White House’s efforts to reform parts of the SSA.

The first rule pertains to Administrative Law Judges (ALJs), who usually adjudicate disability appeal cases. Under the new rule, ALJs would be replaced with SSA lawyers who, according to many experts, are more likely to make decisions based on political ideology.

The second rule would make it more difficult for those already on benefits to continue receiving them. Recipients would be required to clear an additional level of scrutiny in the form of “Continuing Disability Reviews”. The CDRs would aim to identify current recipients whose eligibility may have become suspect since the approval of their initial application.

A setback for an already struggling demographic

For many, including those on capitol hill, the new hurdles are an assault upon the wellbeing of already struggling individuals.

“For eligible individuals, Social Security and SSI benefits are typically their only or primary source of income, and wrongful denial of benefits due would inflict devastating harm,” a group of prominent Democratic lawmakers stated in a letter to the SSA earlier this year.

Many disabled people depend on disability benefits to meet their basic needs, like keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table. A denial of benefits can mean a devastating blow to the applicant’s standard of living.

Considering what’s at stake, and the byzantine nature of the application process, having an experienced SSDI lawyer by your side can make all the difference.

From the initial application, to the appeals process, through the final adjudication, an SSDI lawyer manage each step of the process to ensure your rights are protected.